Algo is a character and the vendor, appearing in The Desolate Hope.

He is the owner of Algo's Bit Store.


He is a metallic red-colored robot sporting a green-scanned screen in the middle of his chest, six long bendy legs with each feet resembling a plunger, squarish white eyes, a smile, a pair of large radars from the back, and a wide screen located at the top of his head.

Each hands sport six fingers, totaling twelve. Furthermore, all fingers ended with light-bulbs in different colors - Yellow, pink, blue, and green.

Shop Menu

Upgrade 1 - 25
Upgrade 2 - 50
Upgrade 3 - 75
Upgrade 4 - 100
Upgrade 5 - 125

Algo is located at the end of the Spring dome.

  • Money finder:
  • Dragon- Power up
  • + Critical hit %
  • Funroad- More time
  • Coffee- Power up

Algo is located in a room on the left of the narrow corridor.

  • Battle start: +Life
  • Increase red bar value
  • Increase blue bar value
  • Increase green bar value
  • Increase yellow bar value

Algo is located at the start of Malwastes.

  • Battle start: +Defense
  • Battle start: +Attack
  • Battle start: +Speed
  • Battle start: +Charge
  • Buff timer bonus

Algo is located in the third water hole from the right.

  • Enemy debuff timer bonus
  • Player debuff reduction
  • Weaken enemy increment
  • Accurary
  • Dodge


  • This is the only vendor to appear in all worlds.
  • From his menu, Algo's screen from the top of his head read "Buy somethin' will ya!".