"My simulation is the last one dedicated to the original mission, you know? My Alphondomes design is perfect for human habitation in any environment." — Alphus.
Alphon Domes typeface
Alphondomes (also spelled Alphon Domes) is Alphus's simulation.

His contribution to the mission was to develop human habitations that could support a large variety of life and that could allow them to live in other planets, even if the atmosphere there is harsh. He also states that his simulation is the last one dedicated to the original mission.

The simulation is composed of four explorable domes that emerged from the ground as well as many others. They are connected to each other by blue platforms scattered through the air. Outside the domes, it is a rainy environment with thunder and lightning.

The Domes

The Spring dome

As the name suggest, the Spring dome is a spring simulation. Inside of it, there are green trees, butterflies, a blue sky and a few light beams. This is the dome Alphus inhabits.

  • Enemies: None.
  • Pieces of code: Algo's store.

The Fall dome

The first dome victim of the virus attack. It is an autumnal environment with orange trees that lose their leaves. A giant sun made of rock stands on the middle of the dome and seem to stare at the screen. There is also some light beams similar to those in the Spring dome.

  • Enemies: Mechanical hornets, ball towers and a static robot.
  • Pieces of code: None.

The Winter dome

The second virus attack happens in the Winter dome. Inside of it, there is three giant snowmen and snowy trees. There are also snowflakes falling from the top of the dome which adds some realism to the environment.

  • Enemies: None.
  • Pieces of code: Sandbox's power-supplies.

The Marsh dome

The third dome victim of the virus attack. The Marsh dome's entrance can only be revealed with the X-ray goggles. It is a dark dome with a grey moon at the center. On the left side, there is a giant head made of rock blocking the path with a single glowy eye. Overall, this dome is grey and black with no enemies and no pieces of code to interact with.

  • Enemies: None.
  • Pieces of code: None.

Attacked data

  1. After the first attack: The program used for simulating weather.
  2. After the second attack: A simulated life sub-routine used for birds, fish and other simulated animal life in the simulation.
  3. After the third attack: A program to sustain one or two fully realized entities for a long period of time.
  4. After the last attack: A little white flower with pink petals.



  • The music that plays in Alphondomes is Tibetan Sunrise.
  • The typeface of the title is Candara.
  • The word Alphon comes from Alphus' name.
  • The program that simulates weather also simulates the thunder and the rain outside the domes.
  • The stone sun found in The Fall dome resembles the face of Viren, the final virus in every simulation.
  • Ger Garun is the virus found in Alphondomes.