Alphus is a character from The Desolate Room, and is one of the four deactivated robots that Coffee is helping to cleanse themselves from the virus that broke them down a long time ago. Alphus also returns in The Desolate Hope as a Derelict albeit much more updated than before and not broken down.


Along with the name, Alphus shares visual and ability similarities with his updated/not so broken down self from The Desolate Hope. He is very geometric in shape with the bulk of his body being made up of rectangular shapes and a dominant colour of blue. His face features two small green squares for eyes and a small blue rectangle for a mouth. Two green and yellow lights sit in the centre of his chest. Like Tool, Alphus too has pincers for hands. His torso is attached to his lower body by a compressing spring that bounces up and down as he moves. His lower body is a hexagonal shaped and attached to it are two large wheels.

Alphus' speech pattern is very basic compared to the rest of the Robots as his sentences resemble that of a toddler, often repeating himself.

In combat mode

Like the others, Alphus is a playable character in combat mode, his attacks are:

  • Wallop: A good wallop.
  • Protowall: Creates a protective shield for a short time.
  • Build Turret: Builds a turret that will attack the enemy.
  • Build Tazerpod: Builds a Tazerpod that will get in extra hits when you attack.
  • Build Medbeacon: Builds a Medbeacon that will heal over time and remove negative effects.
  • Adv Targetting: Locks onto enemy, increasing critical strike chance for party.
  • Build Uh oh Ball: Builds an enhancer that triples damage for a short time.
  • Ramming Speed: A more powerful attack.
  • Void gas: Transforms enemy into something more vulnerable.
  • Solar ball: Inflicts intense heat damage.


Alphus scene

Alphus in a cutscene.