This is not one of the Derelicts... at least not anymore. He broke

down a very long time ago.

— Coffee about Amos.

Amos is one of the Derelicts of the Lun Infinus Space Station and is a character from The Desolate Hope.

Amos is the fifth Derelict of Lun Infinus. He broke down right before he could launch his simulation. He is similar to Alphus by having faith in the initial mission.


Amos is frozen and sits lifeless in his station. He is grey in colour but appears almost white due to the layer of frost and condensation. His chest has a display reading ERR, a green button and a valve. Both his chest and pelvis are adorned with stalactites. He has two arms and is the only derelict with bipedal legs. He is supported by the wall behind him as he sits in ice.

His station in Lun Infinus

Amos' station is covered in ice. The room is filled with fans and ventilation along with various valves on the walls. There is a red capsule connected to Amos which may be a form of battery. Amos sits frozen in ice in the corner of the room.

His relationship with Coffee

I guess he also cared for Amos. He keeps the room so cold, I suppose in an attempt to preserve him. Surely he must know that keeping a machine cold doesn't preserve it.

Alphus about them.

Coffee visited Amos often after he broke down. Coffee made sure that his room continued to stay cold by keeping various ducts and fans running. Alphus believed that Coffee did this to preserve Amos's body, but it was actually to preserve Sample 217.

Bio-Beta monitored Coffee's visits to Amos's room before D-Co 9 was created, but he never knew what Coffee was actually doing there. Since he was aware that the room still had an energy reading but no simulation, he started having doubts. Finally, he couldn't examine the room properly and never got the chance to know the truth.

Mirad also sensed his visits to Amos's room as she states that There is one that comes into the system for a while, leaves, and returns again later.

In the combat mode



Amos's virtual representation

Even if Amos doesn't have a proper simulation to be explored, he is unlockable as an aid in the combat mode. At night, a wrench lies outside of Lun Infinus. Coffee must pick it up, use it on Amos's body to break a small microchip and upload its content to the database. During combat mode, Amos' display changes from ERR to PWN.

His commands are:

  1. Pep Talk: Much needed encouragement.
  2. Frost Bite: A powerful ice attack.
  3. Ice Bomb: Sets a timed bomb. Power increases as damage dealt.
  4. Snowflake: A charm that protects Against all status inflictions.
  5. Chill Charger: Prevents enemy charge from reaching maximum.



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Role in the ending


Amos's old room is where Sample 217 is secretly kept. Only Coffee is aware of its presence there and does everything to keep it safe. Coffee used the virus to steal data from the Derelicts' simulations to create his own simulation called Theta. Only Amos's hardware was capable of this. The room was kept in a cold state in order to preserve Sample 217.

Due to the fact that Amos's room did not have to share the remaining power of Lun Infinus with the other Derelicts' rooms after they were shut down, Coffee made it possible for Sample 217 to grow up. The remaining energy could power Amos's room for seven years before the Lun Infinus station shut down indefinitely.


  • Amos's error sign is changed to PWN in the combat mode.
  • His attacks are ice themed due to the fact that he has been frozen by Coffee.
  • Scott Cawthon has stated that most of his games contain a broken down robot. In The Desolate Hope's case, this is Amos.
  • Amos can be fixed by finding an Old Wrench