In combat, each character has a different set of commands, each with a unique function. Commands can have offensive, defensive, and supportive roles in battle.

List of commands Edit

Name Derelict Description Function Charge Level
Charge All Gives more commands on your next turn. Allows you to use more commands on your next turn.

Can be used in succession to build up charge.

Wallop Alphus(Desolate Hope) A solid strike that also reduces the enemies charge meter. Basic attack, reduces the enemy's charge meter. 1
Wallop Alphus(Desolate Room A good wallop. Basic Attack,Only Does Small Damage,With No Other Effects. 1
Proto Wall Alphus(Desolate Hope) A powerful shield that absorbs 100% of the damage from the next one or two attacks. Defends Against The Next 2 Basic Attacks,Or 1 Charged Attack. 2
Protowall Alphus(Desolate Room) Creates a protective shield for a short time. Absorbs Most Damage Until Time Is Up,Cannot Block Charged Attacks. 2
Grid Turret Alphus(Desolate Hope Creates a turret that will fire on the enemy for a period of time. What It Sounds Like,Builds A Turret That Automatically Attacks For A Certain Amount Of Time That Is Affected By Your Level. 3
Build Turret Alphus(Desolate Room) Builds a turret that will attack the enemy. Attacks For A Certain Amount Of Time,Is Affected By Defense. 3
Tazerpod Alphus(Desolate Hope) Creates a tazerpod that will shock the enemy and inflict SLOW. Slows Down The Enemy,Does Minor Damage. 4
Build Tazerpod Alphus(Desolate Room) Builds a Tazerpod that will get in extra hits when you attack. Every Time You Attack,This Will Do Extra Damage.Runs Out After A Certain Amount Of Hits. 4
Counterbot Alphus(Desolate Hope) Creates a counterbot that will counter attack the enemy for a period of time. When Attacked,This Will Attack The Enemy. 5
Build Medbeacon Alphus(Desolate Room) Builds a Medbeacon that will heal over time and remove negative effects. Heals Damage Over Time,Removes Most Status Effects. 5
Med Beacon Alphus(Desolate Hope) Creates a medbeacon which will refill life as well as defend against certain status inflictions. Heals Damage Over Time,Removes Most Status Effects. 6
Adv Targetting Alphus(Desolate Room) Locks onto enemy, increasing critical strike chance for party. Makes More Likely For A Critical Hit. 6
Solar Ball Alphus(Desolate Hope) Creates three miniature suns which inflicts high damage on the enemy. High Damage Attack,Useful But Costly. 7
Build Uh oh Ball Alphus(Desolate Room) Builds an enhancer that triples damage for a short time. Triples Damage For A Short Time. 7
LOAD Plook's Alphus(Desolate Hope) Loads the mini-game "Plook's Quest". Starts Rpg Style Minigame In The Top Left Corner Of The Screen. 8
Ramming Speed Alphus(Desolate Room) A more powerful attack. Medium Damage Attack,No Other Side Effects. 8
Void Gas Alphus(Desolate Room) Transforms enemy into something more vulnerable. Lowers Enemy's Attack,Defense,And Speed To 0.Stops Enemy From Being Able To Have A Turn Until Effect Ends. 9
Solar Ball Alphus(Desolate Room) Inflicts intense heat damage. High Damage Attack,Slightly Lowers Defense Stat. 10
Pep Talk Amos Much needed encouragement. Revives All Defeated Party Members, restores them all to full health, gives them all 5 buffs, and gives you a large supply of miscellaneous stored abilities (1 revive, 5 seconds of invulnerabillity, 10 charge points, a minute of autoplay, 999 stored healing, and 1000 stored strike). 0,Only When Amos Appears.
Frost Bite Amos A powerful ice attack. Does Insane Amount Of Damage,Great With Spikeplate. 0,Only When Amos Appears.
Ice Bomb Amos Sets a timed bomb. Power increases as damage dealt. Sets A Timer For 60 Seconds.When Time Runs Out,Deals Damage Based On A Factor Of How Much Damage You Did. 0,Only When Amos Appears.
Snowflake Amos A charm that protects Against all status inflictions. Protects Against All Status Effects For A Time. 0,Only When Amos Appears.
Chill Charger Amos Prevents enemy charge from reaching maximum. Prevents Enemy Charge Bar From Filling Up. 0,Only When Amos Appears.
Supercharge Bio-Beta This doubles the fighters charge speed for a period of time. Doubles The Speed Of Which The Attack Bar Fills Up. 1
Duplicity Bio-Beta Increases the dodge chance. Increases The Odds Of Dodging An Attack For A Time. 2
Burn Virus Bio-Beta Causes the enemies life to drain for a while. Causes The Enemy To Take Damage Over Time For A While. 3
Slug Virus Bio-Beta Halves the enemy's charge speed for a while. Slows The Enemy For A Time. 4
Toy Virus Bio-Beta Turns enemy into a harmless toy, with zero strength, defense and speed. Lowers All Of The Enemy's Stats Except For Hp And Max Hp To 0.Stops The Enemy From Being Able To Have A Turn Until Time Is Up. 5
Break Virus Bio-Beta Breaks down an enemy's strength and defense over time. Lowers The Enemy's Attack And Defense For A Period Of Time. 6
Toxin Lazer Bio-Beta A powerful attack that also inflicts several status ailments. High Damage Attack That Gives Poison,Slug,Burn,And Break For A Short Time,And Enhance And Blind For A Slightly Longer Time. 7
LOAD Funroad Bio-Beta Loads the "Funroad" mini-game. Starts Driving Minigame In The Top Left Corner Of The Screen. 8
Static Ball Defect Simple attack. Basic Damage Attack. 1
Distraction Defect Temporarily slows down the enemy. Lowers Enemy's Speed For A Time. 2
Concentrate Defect Increases party attack power. Increases Attack For The Remainder Of The Battle. 3
Backup Batteries Defect Life regenerates for a period of time. Gives Slight Regeneration For A Time. 4
Hack Defect Decreases the enemy's defense power. Play A Small Minigame.How You Do Affects How Much Defense Is Lowered 5
Disable Systems Defect Temporarily disables the enemy. Play A Small Minigame.How You Do Affects Whether or Not The Enemy Is Disabled For A Time. 6
Solid Hologram Defect A powerful holographic attack. Medium Damage Attack. 7
Hack 2 Defect Decreases an enemy's defense and attack power. Play A Small Minigame.How You Do Affects How Much Attack And Defense Is Lowered. 8
Reboot Aura Defect Gives stat boosts for attack, defense, speed and battery. Gives Attack And Defense Boosts For The Remainder Of The Battle.Gives Speed Boosts For A Time And Regeneration For A Longer Time. 9
Level Down Defect Attempts to de-level an enemy. Play A Small Minigame.How You Do Affects How Many Levels The Enemy Loses.Leveling The Enemy Down Also Lowers The Enemy's Max Hp,Which Lowers Its Current Hp. 10
Quick Shot Derelict(Desolate Room) A simple attack Basic Damage Attack 1
Double Barrel Derelict(Desolate Room) A simple attack x2 Basic Damage Attack With 2 Times Damage. 2
Scramble Hit Derelict(Desolate Room) Disorients the enemy, reducing it's chance of landing critical strikes. Reduces The Enemy's Chance Of Landing A Critical Hit. 3
Intimidation Derelict(Desolate Room) A solid strike that intimidates the enemy, depleting it's charge meter. Basic Damage Attack That Depletes The Enemy's Charge Meter. 4
Jump Start Derelict(Desolate Room) Provides a speed boost to your party. Gives A Speed Boost For A Time. 5
Battery Burn Derelict(Desolate Room) Powerful strike, plus battery-leak damage over time. High Damage Attack That Does Damage Over Time. 6
Doom Claw Derelict(Desolate Room) Strong hit that has a chance of causing a fatal wound. High Damage Attack That Has A Chance To Defeat The Enemy. 7
Searing Beam Derelict(Desolate Room) Subtracts up to 25% of an enemies life with a chance hit. Has A Chance To Hit,And If It Does,Lowers Enemy's Hp By 25%. 8
Rupture 101 Derelict(Desolate Room) A

 critical strike along with severe virus damage.

A High Damage Attack Which Does Damage Over Time. 9
Megananobot Derelict(Desolate Room) Allies charge meters fill to max, charge amount is increased for a short time. Charges Both Of Allies Meters To Max And Gives Charge Times 2 For A While,But Lowers Derelicts Charge To 0. 10
Psy-Cracker Mirad A solid attack. A basic attack whose power is based on how much heal energy you have stored up. 1
Store Strike Mirad Stores attack energy into a button, click-able at any time. Stores Attack Damage In A Button.When Clicked,Does All Of That Damage To The Enemy,Along With Any Extra Effects,Like Damage Up. 2
Store Heal Mirad Stores heal energy into a button, click-able at any time. Stores Heal In A Button.When Clicked Heals The Party With That Amount Of Hp. 3
Store Autoplay Mirad Stores auto-play energy into a button, click-able at any time. Stores Auto-play In A Button.When Clicked,All The Minigames In The Right Corner Will Play By Themselves. 4
Store Charge Mirad This will create a button that provides extra charge points to all fighters when clicked. Stores Charge In A Button.When Clicked Gives That Amount Of Charge To All Allies. 5
Store Invun Mirad This will create a button that provides 5 seconds of invulnerability when clicked. Store invulnerability In A Button.When Clicked,Makes You invulnerability For 5 Seconds.Cannot Be Stacked. 6
Store Revive Mirad This will create a button that revives all fighters to full health when clicked. Stores Revive In A Button.When Clicked,Wastes 1 Charge And Revives Everyone And Gives Them All Full Health. 7
LOAD Dragon Mirad Loads the "Dragon" mini-game. Starts A Top-Down Shooter Minigame In The Top Left Corner Of The Screen. 8
Quick Repair Malenz Brings all fighters back to life with minimal health. Also serves as a healing command for living fighters. Revives All Characters To Full Health.Also Heals All Living Characters To Full Health. 1
Thrice Malenz Strikes the enemy three times. Basic Damage Attack That Hits 3 Times. 2
Spikeplate Malenz Double damage for a short time. Doubles Damage Dealt For A Time. 3
Armorplate Malenz Double defense for a short time. Doubles Defense For A Time. 4
Gridstorm Malenz Causes random shock attacks to occur for a period of time. Deals Shock Damage Randomly For A Time. 5
Stunrain Malenz A powerful attack that also stuns the enemy. High Damage Attack That Causes Stun. 6
Megacharge Malenz Completely fills the other three fighters charge meters. Charges Both Of Allies Bars To Max. 7
LOAD Old West Malenz Loads the "Old West" mini-game Starts An Old Duck Hunt Type Of Shooter In The Top Left Corner Of The Screen. 8
Hit 'n Run Tool Hits the enemy in an attempt to escape battle. Low Damage Attack That Has A Chance Of Making You Run From Battle.Cannot Be Used Against Bosses. 1
Screw loose Tool Can cause low-level enemies to fall apart during the battle. Gives The Break Status To The Enemy. 2
Salvage Tool Restores fallen allies Revives All Allies Who Were Defeated With A Small Amount Of Hp. 3
Quickfix Tool Heals your party. Heals A Certain Factor Of Hp To All Allies. 4
Static touch Tool All attacks against enemy will inflict extra shock damage. All Attacks For The Rest Of The Battle Will Deal An Extra Small Amount Of Damage. 5
Electrocute Tool Enemy is hit with high voltage during next three attacks. For The Next Three attacks,Including The Turn This Was Used,The Enemy Will Take High Damage Whenever An Attack Is Used. 6
Magic hammer Tool Auto-revives team mates who fall for a period of time. Revives Teamates With Extremely Low Hp For A Period Of Time.Prevents Being Defeated And Also Prevents Logoff From Working,But It Does Lower You To 1 Hp. 7
Tool-x virus Tool Damage to enemy is doubled for a short time. Gives 2 Times Damage For A Time. 8
Supercharge Tool Party speed is doubled for a period of time. Gives 2 Times Speed For A Time. 9
Wrecking Ball Tool Instant kill to weak enemies. Instant Kill To Enemys With Low Hp. 10