"Welcome to the future of mankind. It's a work in progress but I think it's undeniable that this is the next course of human evolution".


Betagrid 0.9 typeface

Betagrid 0.9 is Bio-Beta's simulation.

Like the other Derelicts, Bio-Beta was to run simulations on successful human habitation on other planets. However, He soon decided that after not being contacted by Earth for decades, that humans had perished by their own hand and that it is now His job to recreate a new and improved Human race.

Betagrid 0.9 is a large golden coloured metropolis featuring skylights, trees, roads and castle like structures in the background as well as incomplete robotic structures. Stars and a moon can be seen in the sky although the simulation feels like it is lit by a futuristic artificial light. Robotic denizens can be found in the foreground.

Betagrid 0.9 is divided into two sections, the outer streets and the inner buildings. X-ray goggles are required to navigate this simulation.

Street level


Background element from Betagrid 0.9

The Street level is a large stretch with the occasional block that must be jumped over. One type of enemy is present and is stationary with no attacks. There are two deposits of bits on the first Street level screen. Bio-Beta can be found towards the middle. The street level can also be accessed in different locations only by passing through the Inner Buildings. Here the second and fourth Virus can be found as well as SandBox's Power Supply.

Inner buildings

The Inner building contains two moving enemies; one flies up and down vertically and shoots to attack and the other moves left and right of the screen and attacks with a chainsaw attached to the top of it. Another stationary enemy can be found in the shape of a face that resembles Puppeton and it attacks by shooting.

Attacked data

  1. After the first attack:
  2. After the second attack:
  3. After the third attack:
  4. After the last attack:



  • The typeface of the title is Impact.
  • Betagrid 0.9 was meant to be called Betascape before the game was first launched in 2012 (see the gallery above)
  • Many elements from Betagrid 0.9 ,such as the rocket in the background, were later used in the android device game, Golden Galaxy.
  • Puppeton is the virus found in Betagrid 0.9.
  • The Robot NPCs found in the foreground resemble the character Chattercan from Iffermoon.