I am busy running simulations you could not possibly understand. Do not disturb me.
— Bio-Beta. (First Time meeting.)

Bio-Beta is one of the Derelicts of the Lun Infinus space station and is the main antagonist of The Desolate Hope.

He believes mankind has been destroyed, but has confidence that he will be able to create a new and improved human race. Using bio samples sent from Earth, Bio-Beta uses a fluid filled tube in his station to test and grow different compounds with the goal of creating a human being. Each experiment yields some sort of fleshy mass, sometimes an entire body, but he lacks he means to give awareness to the empty bodies he's formed. He has created advanced techniques for sustaining biological life, but creating sentience remains beyond his grasp. He feels the answer may lie in finding Sample 217, the only sample missing from the array of materials sent with the original mission.


Bio-Beta seems to be mostly comprised of, aside from his head, hips, and chest-plate, wires and massive metal conduits that can be clearly seen on his frame. The conduits hold his neck, arms, fingers, and waist together. The only exceptions are the metal tubes on his head, chest-plate, and the conduits that make up his legs, giving them a tentacle-like appearance. His "legs" cannot be seen in the simulations. His dominant colour is green.

His station in Lun Infinus

Back bio-beta

Bio-Beta's back

Bio-Beta's station is covered in various wires and electrical conduits. Green spheres hang from the ceiling and there appears to be multiple security cameras lining the room. In the foreground, a desk holds coloured tubes, a mechanical hand in a specimen jar and many clocks set at various times. The centre of the room holds a large specimen tube, likely to be one of Bio-Beta's experiments to create new human life. A mechanical claw hangs on the far right wall and occasionally clasps. The main source of light are three lamps hanging from the ceiling.

In the combat mode


Bio-Beta's virtual representation

Info biobeta

As the other Derelicts, Bio-Beta appears in the combat mode to fight the virus. He starts the game with 130 HP.

His commands are:

  1. Charge: Gives more commands on your next turn.
  2. Supercharge: This doubles the fighters charge speed for a period of time.
  3. Duplicity: Increases the dodge chance.
  4. Burn Virus: Causes the enemies life to drain for a while.
  5. Slug Virus: Halves the enemy's charge speed for a while.
  6. Toy Virus: Turns enemy into a harmless toy, with zero strength, defense and speed.
  7. Break Virus: Breaks down an enemy's strength and defense over time.
  8. Toxin Lazer: A powerful attack that also inflicts several status ailments.
  9. LOAD Funroad: Loads the "Funroad" mini-game.




  • His simulation was originally called Betascape.
  • Bio-Beta shares similar abilities with Defect from The Desolate Room, like the ability to give speed and dodge buffs to the party. They also share green as their dominant colour.
  • Bio-Beta is the only Derelict to appear in Golden Galaxy.
    • However, he appears in Malwastes, which is strange because that's Malenz's simulation, then again it doesn't really have anything to do with The Desolate Hope, apart from the fact that they share the same graphics.
  • Although Bio-Beta can't be fought and is an ally, he is actually the main antagonist of The Desolate Hope because he nearly killed Sample 217 just to make fully sentient humans.
  • One of Bio-Beta's moves, Supercharge, is the same as Tool's move and has the same affect, except for Tool it's further down his item list.

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