Here is a full transcription of Bio-Beta's lines from The Desolate Hope.

First encounter in Lun Infinus:

"I am busy running simulations you could not possibly understand. Do not disturb me."

First encounter in his simulation:

Welcome to the future of mankind. It's a work in progress but I think it's undeniable that this is the next course of human evolution.

Like the other Derelicts, my mission was to run simulations on the possibilities of future human development on this desolate planet. Well, time changes everything doesn't it?

We haven't heard from Earth in decades. We do not know their status or location. It's my theory that they have been killed somehow. No doubt from their own devices.

Therefore my focus shifted from how to bring humans here, to how to recreate a new (and certainly improved) human race. Someone on this station needs to be realistic.

I began work with developing biological specimens. I was able to grow organic material, however I was never able to master... a developed mind.

I'm not entirely to blame for this. One of the biological samples is missing. You see, when the station was first created, Earth supplemented our studies with science pods.

They came on a regular basis, carrying materials for analyzation and induction into our simulations. Many were of poor quality, having been used for other purposes first.

Then suddenly one day the science pods stopped. For several months, we heard nothing from Earth. Then the other pods started arriving...

Pods full of photographs, artwork, toys and books began littering the landscape. None of it was useful for our research. I don't understand what the humans expected us to do with it.

From the samples they sent however, only one is unaccounted for. It arrived and was scanned into the database but then went missing.

I'm sure you will do everything you can to find the missing samples for us. I know you are on our side. Find Sample 217 before it's too late.

After the first virus fight:

Thank you for fighting off the virus before it did more damage. However, the virus was still able to take a piece of the simulation. I'm unsure what it took.

Tell me, have you found anything strange back at the station? Any clues as to the whereabouts of the missing sample? It would be labeled 217. It was 217 out of 352.

I don't have much more information concerning this sample. It disappeared after it's initial database entry. All I know is that it was a biological tissue sample.

It was marked as a human tissue sample of some sort. We had only two others on record: a sample of muscle tissue and a sample of brain tissue.

I believe the third sample was unique, however. It is vital that it be found and processed for my research. I hope you understand the importance of this matter.

After the second virus fight:

I fear that your efforts will be in vain if Sample 217 is not found soon. Eventually, only one simulation can remain viable as resources become scarce.

I'm sure you appreciate the work I've done here and can agree that this is the only sensible option. Humanity as the world knew it is gone. Technology is the answer.

Humanity can be reborn. Sleek metallic bodies, immune to disease and age, resistant to the harsh conditions of other planets. All that I lack is the spark of life.

All I seek is the final piece to the greatest puzzle of life. Sample 217 is that piece. I've been monitoring you. Would you be kind enough to search Amos' old room?

Surely you have heard Amos' story. The fifth robot in the cold room? He was the first to break down, his simulation never activated. There is still an energy reading, however.

I monitored Coffee long before you arrived. He made frequent visits to Amos' room but would never tell me why. We are unable to examine the room. Tell me... what is there?

Is there a science capsule? If there were, there would be no need for Coffee to hide it from us. How much do you really know about your Coffee companion?"

After the third virus fight:

"I've been studying you. More to the point- I've been studying your program, at least what I can see of it. Isn't it interesting the way we perceive things?

When you are a computer program, whose eyes can you really look through other than the eyes of your creator? He who made your eyes, controls what you see.

You have a complex and unusual visual interpretation algorithm. Tell me, what does this virus look like each time when you fight it?

And I wonder... I wonder what you would look like through the eyes of the virus?"

After the last virus fight:

My system resources have been compromised. I hope you know what you're doing. My simulation can not be restored from this point.

Despite the fact that you have defeated the virus time after time, it still manages to drain our resources from us. It has still torn apart the fabric of our work.

I am confined to this space. I cannot leave. I will never know the true identity of the virus, or you, or anyone. Where is Sample 217? Have you found it yet??

I hope you are who you say you are. I hope you are able to destroy the virus before everything is lost. Forgive me for doubting you. I want rest. I need rest from this.

Save something.