Remember, you are NOT me! You are just borrowing this body!
Coffee about D-Co 9 using his CPU

D-Co 9 (also known as Digital Counterpart 9) is the ninth version of "Custom Console", this time using a circuit board from a simple computer game. It is designed to be used as an anti-virus program, able to utilize the code originally designed for playing games, it can interface with consoles and robots throughout the station, fighting the virus and performing tasks for Coffee.



D-Co 9's representation in the game

D-Co 9 is only seen during its multiple discussions with Coffee about its new function or after a successful virus fight. In its virtual appearance, it is a blue face surrounded by blue squares.

However, its in game appearance is Coffee's body since D-Co 9 is using its CPU to have full access to the Derelict's simulations.


  • D-Co 9 was the processor of 'Block Puzzle in Space' before being reassigned by Coffee. He came preinstalled in the station computer and hasn't been active since the station has been created.
  • Due to the fact that D-Co 9 is originally a game processor, The Desolate Hope's gameplay is a combination of various game genres (in this case, platformer, RPG, and dungeon crawler).
  • D-Co 9 has a tendency to ignore Coffee's request on not revealing the attacked data or expressing its opinions on the matter.