Defect is a character from The Desolate Room, and is one of the four deactivated robots that Coffee is helping to cleanse themselves from the virus that broke them down a long time ago.


Defect is the only Robot that is bipedal. It is implied that he was not finished being built hence why his body resembles a skeletal frame. His arms, legs and torso are lined with spinning gears and metal wire and his eyes are spherical frames with half closed eyelids and yellow circles for pupils. His face protrudes forward and looks like a muzzle. Each hand has four long fingers and his dominant colour is green.

He is audibly bothered about being incomplete.

In combat mode

Like the others, Defect is a playable character in combat mode, his attacks are:

  • Static ball: Simple attack.
  • Distraction: Temporarily slows down the enemy.
  • Concentrate: Increases party attack power.
  • Backup batteries: Life regenerates for a period of time.
  • Hack: Decreases the enemy's defense power.
  • Disable system: Temporarily disables the enemy.
  • Solid hologram: A powerful holographic attack.
  • Hack 2: Decreases an enemy's defense and attack power.
  • Reboot aura: Gives stat boosts for attack, defense, speed and battery.
  • Level down: Attempts to de-level an enemy.



Defect in a Cutscene.

TDR paradox 0.5

The Boss version of Defect, Paradox 5.0, which is really disturbing looking.