Derelict is a character from The Desolate Room, and is one of the four deactivated robots that Coffee is

helping to cleanse themselves from the virus that broke them down a long time ago.


Derelict is arachnid in shape and shares visual similarities with Malenz from The Desolate Hope. He is a light khaki colour with orange ball joints and highlights. Metal rings protrude from his legs and wrap around his torso. Four red lights lead down his chest and two sit on the front of his pelvis. He has two arms with five fingers on each hand and stands on four legs. Like Malenz, he has spikes leading off the back of his head. His face is insect like in shape and appears to have mandibles. He has purple eyes.

In combat mode

Like the others, Derelict is a playable character in combat mode, his attacks are:

  • Quick shot: A simple attack
  • Double barrel: A simple attack x2
  • Scramble hit: Disorients the enemy, reducing it's chance of landing critical strikes.
  • Intimidation: A solid strike that intimidates the enemy, depleting it's charge meter.
  • Jump start: Provides a speed boost to your party.
  • Battery burn: Powerful strike, plus battery-leak damage over time.
  • Doom claw: Strong hit that has a chance of causing a fatal wound.
  • Searing beam: Subtracts up to 25% of an enemies life with a chance hit.
  • Rupture 101: A critical strike along with severe virus damage.
  • Megananobot: Allies charge meters fill to max, charge amount is increased for a short time.


Derelict scene

Derelict in a cutscene.