You Looking for the Control room? The room you use to access the Battle sim?

Dummy's Revenge is an optional battle in The Desolate Hope. This battle can only be accessed once the game has been completed.



Dummy's design has taken a drastic turn from a small target sign to an enormous mechanical creature with a large illuminated blinking eye resembling it's original target form. Dummy now has two large arms with five digits, four of them with red lasers. Its arms and shoulders are the same as PULSAR but with a red and orange color scheme.


The player can find Dummy's Revenge during the Day cycle in the Battle Simulator on Lun Infinus after beating the final boss, PULSAR. Instead of fighting the standard "test dummy" target sign, the player fights Dummy's Revenge.


Dummy has no special attacks and instead can only periodically deal one 5000 damage attack to a random derelict. It is immune to Slow, Stun, Toy and its stats cannot be hacked. It isn't immune to Break, but this infliction it's useless.

  • 1000000 Health Points
  • 0 Strength
  • 0 Defense
  • 200 Speed



  • Dummy's battle theme is the same as the ending credits.
    • The name of the battle theme is "Take a Step Up".
  • Once defeated, instead of the player's damage score per second being displayed, the player will receive the message "You get respect!".
  • Dummy's Revenge is the only virus battle where the player is not fighting a "virus".