Enemies that appear in The Desolate Hope.

Betagrid 0.9






Alex and his toys in The Jesus Kids Club

  • Bio-Beta's attack Toy Virus turns the target into a Spring Toy which can be found in the Waterways of Miradmoore.
  • The Fissure Guards that are found in the Sub-Game resemble the Floating Head Enemy in Miradmoore
  • There are a few varying designs of the same Enemy within the Simulations, these include the Floating Moon in Alphondomes and Betagrid 0.9, The walking Saw and Axe robot in Malwastes and Betagrid 0.9, The single and double swinging conical Robots in Alphondomes and Malwastes and the Brain arachnid in Miradmoore and Betagrid 0.9.
  • The NPC's found in Alphondomes have an "evil" counterpart found in Malwastes.
  • A few enemies bear the same design with Alex' robotic toys in one of Scott Cawthon's short story called The Jesus Kids Club. A green robot resembling Robo-Baby can also be seen on the shelves.
  • The Wind-up enemy from Malwastes and Beta Grid 0.9 can be found in Scott Cawthon's FNAF World.

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