Ger Garun is a virus from The Desolate Hope. He is found in the Alphondomes.



Ger Garun 1.0 can be found in the middle of the Fall dome.

Post Battle Dialogue
D-Co 9: Would you like to hear what I've found?

Coffee: I'm sweating espresso. After that let's head down to the deactivation terminal. I want to show you something...

D-Co 9: The virus was attacking the basic programs for simulating weather. That's strange. There are systems much more vital to attack.

Coffee: Maybe it just wanted to rain on our parade? Now let's get back to work. I've detected another item under attack!


Ger Garun 2.0 can be found at the end of the Winter dome.

Post Battle Dialogue
D-Co 9: Hmmm. The virus was attacking a simple simulated life sub-routine. This was something used for birds, fish, etc. How pointless.

Coffee: Random, random, random. Although if it were a malicious virus it wouldn't be able to tell the difference between complex and simple life,

More likely it's trying to keep us busy saving menial pieces of data while it takes the more important pieces.

D-Co 9: It's true that the simulation is breaking down. Even as we save these small fragments others are still being taken. We aren't keeping up with the virus.

Eventually there will be too many holes in the data structure for their simulations to continue. We must save what we can.


Ger Garun 3.0 can be found at the end of the hidden Marsh dome. (X-Ray Goggles required).

Post Battle Dialogue
D-Co 9: I hate hackworm.

Coffee: Stop whining. We saved an important piece of data. I can feel it. I will encrypt it and isolate it from the virus. No further examination is needed.

D-Co 9: I've examined the data!

Coffee: .......................

D-Co 9: The Alphondome simulation had a unique property. It had a program to sustain one or possibly two fully realized entities for a long period of time. The other simulations focused on trying to sustain hundreds, even thousands, which is why many of them fell apart. This was a very focused design.

Is it possible that the virus has a friend he's planning on bringing along? That's a scary thought. Regardless, it won't be happening now.


Garun battle

Ger Garun takes the form of a dragon-like creature. He is bipedal and has five fingers and toes. His fingers have long, sharp needle like claws but his thumbs have much shorter ones. His limbs are made up of red electricity static and his body is covered in sharp metal and red lights. Two antennae sit on top of his head with electric static and has a long reptilian tongue. Two large metal structures protrude from his shoulders, imitating wings along with eight insect looking appendages tipped with sharp red lights. He has a long tail with a pointed tip that rests on the ground behind him. His dominant colors are silver and red.


  1. Radion Alpha: A solid strike that hits the four Derelicts.
  2. Abandon: Inflicts the Drain status. This status drains quickly the Derelicts' HP.
  3. Reboot: Puts the Derelicts' HP, Charge Bar and Turn Bar on 0.
  4. Hackworm: Create a visual static on all the screen for a while.
  5. Sleep Mode: Inflicts the Sleep status. This status puts the Turn Bar on 0 and the Turn Bar don't will progress for a while.


  • Like Terro Totik, he has red lights on his palms.
  • Nightmare Foxy in Five Nights at Freddy's 4 bear some resemblance to Ger Garun.
    • Additionally even more to Nightmare Mangle.
  • Ger Garun is the only virus to not have the attack Intense Intensity.
  • Strangely enough, Ger Garun appears to have lights resembling lipstick on its' mouth.
  • From Ger Garun's battle animation, his tongue clips through the teeth from his jaw, likely an error made by Scott Cawthon.
    • His right bicep also clip through one of his appendages.