Moonwalkin' Coffee

Coffee is able to "moonwalk" by facing one direction, holding the Up arrow key, and walking the other direction.

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..And He's Gone

In simulations, there are two types of screen transitions. One is a transition to another part of the currently loaded map and, as a result, is instantaneous. The other transition uses a texture to swipe away the screen while another part of the simulation loads.

Pressing TAB to exit the simulation while the swipe transition plays out causes Coffee to disappear.

At this point, it is impossible to move. Pressing Z to jump only emits the jumping sound. The only ways out of this are either waiting for the day cycle to run out, dying to an enemy, or pressing F2 to go back to the title screen.

Coffee Seizure

In Lun Infinus' hallway, by holding the Up and Down arrow keys at the same time, Coffee will have a spasm until you let go of one of the arrow keys.

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Betagrid Out of Bounds

In Betagrid 0.9, the doorway that leads to the second vertical set of rooms has a loading zone that doesn't fit properly. Jumping at a specific spot allows the player to get past the loading zone and fall through Betagrid and the other levels.

Things to note:

  • While it is not known if the player absolutely requires the Hoverpack for this glitch, it is recommended that they get it for easier results.
  • Betagrid, Miradmoore, Malwastes, and Alphondomes are all connected and can be seen, but only Miradmoore can be fully accessed through this glitch, as Malwastes and Alphondomes are blocked by invisible walls.
  • The day cycle still works perfectly, so even if the player gets stuck, they will eventually be booted back to Lun Infinus.
  • As long as Coffee is visible on the game's camera, TAB to exit the simulation still works. If he is not visible, TAB glitches out instead.
  • If Miradmoore is accessed through this glitch, all of Miradmoore's enemies will be replaced by Betagrid 0.9's enemy sprites.

(More will be added with further testing.)