Golden Galaxy is a game made by Scott Cawthon.

Released in 2013 for Android devices, Golden Galaxy features levels, enemies and characters from The Desolate Hope. The game can be downloaded for free on the Google Play store or App Store. The Windows version can also be purchased on Amazon.

The current version of the game is 1.18.


Mankind has just reached the outer edge of the galaxy and discovered its bizarre secrets; so naturally you should shoot everything with lasers! Defeat the galaxy lord PULSAR and his minions in this fast-paced space shooter! Pick from three primary weapons then collect money throughout each level to upgrade it and the rest of your arsenal! [1]


Golden Galaxy is a shoot'em up game. The player controls a golden rocket that is constantly shooting through the different zones of the universe. The game has 3 different skill levels, but can only be started on the lowest one, normal. Beating the game advances the difficulty, from normal to hard and hard to expert. Each difficulty completed awards the player with a medallion on the title screen, and conquering the game on expert mode allows the player to receive the true ending.


In the game, there are five levels with a boss at the end of each. Those are:
  1. Malenville with a wooden character as boss.
  2. The underground mines of Malwastes with Bio-Beta as boss.
  3. Miradmoore with Negmanity as boss.
  4. Betagrid 0.9 with Puppeton as boss.
  5. Alphondomes with PULSAR as the final boss of the game.


At the beginning of each level and after each death, the player has to choose between three weapons:
  • The laser: small beams.
  • The spread: three lines of violet dots.
  • The plasma: a strong, piercing green shot.

Through the levels, there are checkpoints which enables the player to purchase upgrades for the rocket weaponry with the money he collected by shooting enemies. There are three types of upgrades:

  • The weapon upgrade which improves the speed, frequency and width of the shots depending on which weapon the player has chosen.
  • The missile upgrade which enables the rocket to shoot two rows of missiles as a supplement to the weapon. The upgrade increases its frequency.
  • The orb upgrade which add a defensive orb circling around the rocket. The upgrade increases its speed and allows it to fire extra projectiles.

The calculation used to determine the price of the upgrades is rather complicated. In order to figure out the cost, you have to take the number of upgrades you already have in that category, multiply it by itself, add 1, then multiply all of that by a certain number. (100 for primary, 150 for missile, 50 for orb) For example, if you wanted to find the cost of the 5th primary upgrade, you would take 4 (the amount of upgrades you already have) and multiply it by 4, which will give you 16. Add 1 to get 17. Finally, multiply 17 by 100 to get 1700. This means that the price of the 5th primary upgrade is $1700.



  • Pulsar is the main antagonist of this game, known as Lord Pulsar.

    The rocket in Betagrid 0.9

  • The golden rocket can be seen flying in the sky of the Betagrid 0.9 simulation in The Desolate Hope.
  • Bio-Beta is the only Derelict that appears in this game.
  • The music of the title screen and Miradmoore is a loop of Feel the Rush by LynneMusic.
  • The music of Malenville and Betagrid 0.9 is a loop of Work It by LynneMusic.
  • The music of Malwastes and Alphondomes is a loop of Supersymmetry by LynneMusic.
  • The music for the boss fights is a loop of Rock the Future by Northbrook Film Collective.
  • The music for the endings is Cloud Three by Jonathan Geer.
  • One of the enemies in level 3 is the Tempter from The Pilgrim's Progress: The Video Game, one of Scott's earlier games. It takes on the form of a serpent skeleton.
  • Destroying PULSAR on expert mode actually reveals a secret second phase, where he transforms into Viren and completely changes his attack pattern.


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