The Lun Infinus is an unmanned space station, and is the main setting of The Desolate Hope.


The Lun Infinus is located in a large canyon-like area, and is situated on top of a raised area of rock

The message confirming where Lun Infinus is located.

. The

largest structure in the station is a large dome-shaped observatory, with the observatory's powerful telescope pointing towards the sky.

Located all around the observatory are tall, cylindrical towers, which each vary in height. Along with this, there are multiple radar dishes, antennae, and solar panels extending upwards into the sky. Protruding from the base of the Lun Infinus are several large, metal tubes which travel vertically down the face of the cliff and into the ground.

Inside contains the control hub and all of the Derelicts rooms.

Lun Infinus

Lun Infinus title screen

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