My task, like the others, was to run simulations for possible

human development on this planet.

— Malenz.

Malenz is one of the Derelicts of the Lun Infinus space station and is a character from The Desolate Hope.

He took his mission very seriously, Whereas some of the other Derelicts had taken certain creative liberties with their simulations. Malenz's simulation was grounded in reality and followed strict guidelines; His vision was very ambitious, with vast robotic cities reaching toward the horizon in every direction. Since his simulation was strictly grounded in reality, it began as a mining program. He ran this program for 430 simulated years, slowly building larger and larger robotic workers to tunnel deep under the surface in search of ore and other resources. This proved futile however as age and decay ran their course. The mining fields in his simulation are littered with monstrous, broken pieces of machinery.

As time passed, Malenz became bored with the seemingly hopeless task of rebuilding a lost world. He instead broke his rules and built a small village in the center of the mining wasteland. Based on the designs of the toys that he likes to collect, the little village is full of automated people and animals, popping out of doors and running on rails. Malenz meanwhile has a house for himself there as well. He's taken on the identity of a toymaker, and spends his time designing new wonders for his little town. He doesn't like to be reminded of the things that used to concern him.


Back malenz

Malenz's back

Malenz has a spider-like appearance, standing on six legs. His colour scheme is comprised of black and red, much darker than the other Derelicts. He has large claw like hands and several spines leading off the back of his head.

His avatar in Malenville has no legs and instead floats above a red orb. Here his eyes have black pupils instead of white.

His station in Lun Infinus

His room is very dark with black walls and flooring. It is decorated with a great number of red robotic eyes that are constantly blinking. Around them, there are a few red screens that glow similar to the eyes. Malenz' body is placed in the centre of the room under a a few swinging cables that hang from the ceiling. Behind him, there is a large red circle that works as the room's main light source. There are also two mechanic spiders on the walls which are similar to the ones that can be found in Malwastes.

In the combat mode


Malenz's virtual representation

Info malenz

As the with the other Derelicts, Malenz appears in the combat mode to fight the virus. Malenz starts with the lowest HP of all the Derelicts.

His commands are:

  1. Charge: Gives more commands on your next turn.
  2. Quick Repair: Brings all fighters back to life with minimal health. Also serves as a healing command for living fighters.
  3. Thrice Claw: Strikes the enemy three times.
  4. Spikeplate: Double damage for a short time.
  5. Armorplate: Double defense for a short time.
  6. Gridstorm: Causes random shock attacks to occur for a period of time.
  7. Stunrain: A powerful attack that also stuns the enemy.
  8. Megacharge: Completely fills the other three fighters charge meters.
  9. LOAD Old West: Loads the "Old West" mini-game.




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  • Malenz shares a similar appearance with Derelict from The Desolate Room, in that they both have a spider like form. They also share similar abilities such as the ability to replenish their party's charge meter.
  • Mal is a prefix usually referring to something dark, evil, or bad, which reflects Malenz's dark and evil looking appearance (but not his behavior).
  • Malenz collects Small Toys/Action Figures.
  • if one looks closely at malenz right arm during battle,his right arm twitches.