I hope that if I create just a few simulated individuals, maybe someday one will appear that I did not create... a real person, in whatever form they might take.
— Mirad

Mirad is one of the Derelicts of the Lun Infinus space station and a character from The Desolate Hope.

Like the other Derelicts, she had been designed to understand how humans might populate another planet, but her extended time on the station made her change her priorities. The virtual world she has created is very dark and empty, like a ghostly memorial of a world long since passed. It is full of eerie visuals and strange phantom characters. Mirad herself has an avatar here and sits on the far left, pondering the meaning of mankind's existence, as well as her own. Deep down she wonders if she may be able to make a haven for the last possible remnants of humanity; if not for their physical bodies, then for their spirits.

Mirad grew an important interest for humanity and human psychology as the years passed. She enjoys collecting paintings and everything that is related to the human mind or a representation of their own perception.


Back mirad

Mirad's back

Mirad has a rather particular and complex appearance.

Her eyes are two dark holes with a yellow pupil in the middle ; those are circled by a discontinuous white circle. Even if they are robotic features, they are included on a feminine face that appears human unlike the other Derelicts'. The back of her station is decorated with the same face she bears, but with different facial expressions which implies that she is able to change it and replace it with another. On her forehead, there is a rectangular plate that holds that face to the back of her head.

Her body is composed of two parts: the upper part is a large, shiny chest plate with four metallic arms attached to the shoulder level. Those arms are terminated by mechanic tongs that acts as hands. On this chest plate, there is pink and yellow buttons around what seems to be three air vents. The lower part is rather different: it is a round, inverted dome-like shape with eight large coils attached to it. Under this part, there is a large amount of black cables that are assembled inside protective rings. The upper and lower parts are held together by three massive magnetic cables. Around those three links, there is a large metallic wheel attached to the upper part by red and white cables. Also, there is a great number of those colored cables, especially between her face and upper block. They attaches together the different parts that constitutes her full body. Overall, Mirad has an appearance that evokes the complexity that goes with her researches on the human mind. Her body doesn't touch the floor and is attached to the ceiling by cables.

Her avatar in Miradmoore is a bit different from her real appearance: there, her eyes are purple with white pupils and she now sports two dark coloured blinders on either side of her face as well as having darker coloured lips.

Her station in Lun Infinus

The room is dominated by Mirad's body, hanging from the ceiling. The wall behind her is richly decorated with frames and masks similar to her face, showing various facial expressions. Around the rooms are screens that display constellations and planets (presumably of the solar system the Derelicts are inhabiting). There is a large glowing sun-like globe to the left of her, with planets attached to it and miniature stars surrounding it.

Overall, it is themed with astrology as showed by the presence of a great number of planets, stars and constellations on the walls.

In the combat mode


Mirad's virtual representation

Info mirad

As the other Derelicts, Mirad appears in the combat mode to fight the Virus. She starts the game with 110 HP.

The majority of her commands are focused around the storage of items on the upper right corner of the screen. Like Malenz, she has the ability to bring back a dead fighter but she gives them their full health bar while Malenz doesn't.

Her commands are:

  1. Charge: Gives more commands on your next turn.
  2. Psy-cracker: A solid attack, not much else. Psy-cracker does not use the entire turn meter, meaning it can be used more often than other commands.
  3. Store Strike: Stores attack energy into a button, click-able at any time.
  4. Store Heal: Stores heal energy into a button, click-able at any time.
  5. Store Autoplay: Stores auto-play energy into a button, click-able at any time. This will cause mini-games to play by themselves!
  6. Store Charge: This will create a button that provides extra charge points to all fighters when clicked.
  7. Store Invun: This will create a button that provides 5 seconds of invulnerability when clicked.
  8. Store Revive: This will create a button that revives all fighters to full health when clicked.
  9. LOAD Dragon: Loads the "Dragon" mini-game.



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Role in the ending



As years passed, Mirad became tired of functioning without having proper rest. One of her biggest wish was to retire to her sleep mode function, but she couldn't access it unless the Derelicts's mission was read as successful. In her simulation, she tried to get around this problem by secretly creating a program that would allow the Derelicts to access their sleep mode without finishing the work they were programmed to do.

But this data was part of the stolen data from her simulation. Coffee and D-Co 9 managed to keep the file for themselves after the attack, but it was part of Coffee's real plan as an outcome. He successfully deprived Lun Infinus of its power and used the program that Mirad had elaborated to put them in sleep before he could deactivate himself.

Mirad is lastly seen lying on the ground in her room, her body is no longer hanging to the ceiling and some parts seem dismantled. Later, a monitor shows that she had been successfully put in sleep mode, along with the other Derelicts.


  • Mirad vaguely resembles the word Mirage which could refer to the individuals that she created in Miradmoore. Though they seem real, they are merely an image, fading into nothingness once spoken to.
  • In her station, Mirad's head is animated. She looks at Coffee and then looks back at the player.
  • Mirad is similar to Tool from The Desolate Room as they both are pink in color and serve as the healer of the party.
  • Mirad collects paintings
  • Mirad is the only character referred to by feminine pronouns (She/Her)