Negmanity is the virus found in Miradmoore.



At the bottom right of the map, found by heading through the first water hole and heading down and right.

Post Battle Dialogue
D-Co 9: I've decoded the File!
  • Coffee: Surprise. Surprise. That's not your job. Let's get back to work.

D-Co 9: This is a complex algorithm. It is a synaptic transfer program for interfacing a human with a simulation.

  • Coffee: Well, that was an integral part of Mirad's simulation so that shouldn't be a surprise.

D-Co 9: Yes, but what would the virus want with it?


From the second-to-last water hole, head down until you reach it.

Post Battle Dialogue
Coffee: Well done. You are performing better than I ever expected! Then again, I wasn't expecting much...
  • D-Co 9: The virus was targeting a supplementary growth subroutine.

Coffee: Fascinating. I assure you I have no idea what you're talking about.

  • D-Co 9: I think Mirad was trying to accomodate for the fact that some humans in the simulation might be under-developed. This is a program that would fill those gaps. By allowing a consciousness to be partially supported by hardware, an otherwise incomplete or underdeveloped brain can be fully functional.

Coffee: A tree, a bunny, an algorithm for semi-digital consciousness. It all sounds the same to me. The virus is targeting things at random. It's very obvious to me.

  • D-Co 9: Mirad thinks there may be a spirit in the simulations.

Coffee: Mirad's simulation is breaking down. She isn't in her right mind. Get your head out of the spirit world and back to reality.

  • D-Co 9: Encrypt the file and store it somewhere safe. This obviously was very important to Mirad. If Mirad's simulation doesn't survive, at least this piece will.


At the last hole (the one next to Mirad), head down until you reach it.

Post Battle Dialogue
D-Co 9: I have decoded the file. This is interesting. It wasn't part of the simulation at all.
  • Coffee: Do tell.

D-Co 9: It seems that Mirad is tired. They all are. They want to sleep but are unable to. They have a sleep mode but they've been programmed to avoid it.

Their creators seem to have played a cruel trick. Unless their mission reads as successful, their sleep will be interrupted. This was to deter them from entering sleep mode.

  • Coffee: Yes. I know they are tired. I knew that Mirad was secretly working on a solution.

D-Co 9: Mirad wasn't able to change the parameters for their mission to read as successful, but was working on a way to do it. They desperately want to sleep.

  • Coffee: I will keep the file safe. Once we've saved all we can from the virus, I'll try to finish what Mirad started. They deserve rest.


Negmanity battle
Negmanity is arachnid in appearance, standing on four legs. Each leg has three small suction cup feet at the end with red lights. Two arms sit at the front with four sharp grasping claws. Negmanity's body is spherical in shape, featuring a large humanoid face with red eyes along with smaller faces surrounding the rim. These are very similar to Mirad's face. Negmanity's face itself is spider-like having eight spherical eyes and mandibles. It has an open mouth bearing sharp teeth and several long spires on it's back tipped with small orbs. Spiders web can be seen hanging from each of these spires. Negmanity's dominant colours are white and orange.


  1. Split Thunder
  2. Cosmic Sponge
  3. Hackworm
  4. Pixel Panic
  5. Sleep Mode


  • It is also referred to as Antivirus Protocol 02
  • Negmanity shares the most resemblance to it's simulation creator.
  • It appears as a boss in the Android device game, Golden Galaxy.