Negmanity is the virus found in Miradmoore.



At the bottom right of the map, found by heading through the first water hole and heading down and right.


From the second-to-last water hole, head down until you reach it.


At the last hole (the one next to Mirad), head down until you reach it.


Negmanity battle
Negmanity is arachnid in appearance, standing on four legs. Each leg has three small suction cup feet at the end with red lights. Two arms sit at the front with four sharp grasping claws. Negmanity's body is spherical in shape, featuring a large humanoid face with red eyes along with smaller faces surrounding the rim. These are very similar to Mirad's face. Negmanity's face itself is spider-like having eight spherical eyes and mandibles. It has an open mouth bearing sharp teeth and several long spires on it's back tipped with small orbs. Spiders web can be seen hanging from each of these spires. Negmanity's dominant colours are white and orange.


  1. Split Thunder
  2. Cosmic Sponge
  3. Hackworm
  4. Pixel Panic
  5. Sleep Mode


  • It is also referred to as Antivirus Protocol 02
  • Negmanity shares the most resemblance to it's simulation creator.
  • It appears as a boss in the Android device game, Golden Galaxy.