PULSAR is the sixth and final antagonist virus in The Desolate Hope and the main antagonist of Golden Galaxy.


PULSAR can be found in Amos's room, hovering around as a dark orb with green Aura. After a few moments, PULSAR will approach the player and the battle will begin.

  • It has 500,000 Health Points, making it the most powerful virus in the game (if Dummy's revenge isn't counted).


Pulsar battle

PULSAR is the largest of all the viruses. He is bipedal and his body is comprised of metal cables and plates. His face is humanoid on one side and robotic on the other making him resemble a cyborg and it is encompassed by a spheroidal dome helmet (similar in shape to a W40K Space Marine's helmet). He has three large claw like toes and five digits on each hand, ending in blue laser claws. Two large blue plates that look like eyes are placed on his chest, with a toothy grin beneath it. Two large wings made up of metal cables sit upon his back. His dominant colours are blue and silver.


  1. Cosmic Sponge- Heals up to 100,000 health for PULSAR
  2. Terrible Things- Adds a lot of harmful affects on your party
  3. Sleep Mode-'"" Stops the Derelicts' charge
  4. Reverser- Damage from your party now does damage to your party
  5. Vulnera- A one-hit KO to all four Derelicts.
  6. Intense Intensity- Give more speed himself.


  • PULSAR is one of the 2 virus that can be accessed outside of a simulation the other is dummy's revenge/Dummy.
  • PULSAR is one of two viruses that lacks any upgraded counterparts that are fought later, similar to the secret boss; Dummy's Revenge.
  • His design is similar to an Astronaut helmet.
  • PULSAR’s name is the only name (out of all viruses) to be in all capital letters, or to be assumed as an acronym.
  • The battle theme song is called Nailed.
  • It is unknown what PULSAR exactly stands for, or if it even stands for anything.