Puppeton is the virus found in Betagrid 0.9.



Head to the far left and enter the Inner Building. Enter the right-side entrance, second from the at bottom of the screen. Continue to the right and head into the Inner Building. Make your way to the top of the screen and to the right-side entrance once more. The Virus will be in this room, along with seven Bits, a walking enemy, an NPC and a pink egg. It has 20,000 HP

Post Battle Dialogue
D-Co 9: I've decoded the file being attacked by the virus.
  • Coffee: And I've decoded a new way to deactivate you.

D-Co 9: This is a life support program. It is designed to preserve and maintain living tissue and keep it functioning for up to sixteen years in stasis.

Maybe these attacks are random after all. There are no humans on this station who would need life support. There would be no useful purpose in having this information.

  • Coffee: Well if the virus is malicious then it would seek out anything that could benefit humans, even under different circumstances. I will encrypt it and store it until the virus is eliminated.


Head to the far left and enter the Inner Building. Drop down and enter the first right-side entrance. Continue to the far right, past SandBox. It has 40,000 HP

Post Battle Dialogue
Coffee: This was a sizeable chunk of data you saved, too big for you to decode. Let's get back to work.
  • D-Co 9: I've decoded the file! This datablock is a stem-cell repair algorithm. It is designed to repair damaged cells.

It looks like it's been tampered with. It was being rewritten for something more specific when the virus attacked it. Coffee: That's very enlightening. However, it's pointless. There would be no need for that here. It looks like it was being fine-tuned for something very small.

Clearly it would take a brilliant mind to make these kinds of changes. I wouldn't imagine even Bio-Beya himself being capable of this. (But I suppose it must have been him).


Head to the far left and enter the Inner Building. Xray Goggles are necessary to see the hidden entrance which will be immediately at the left-side of the screen. Make your way down and to the right will be the Virus, a shooting enemy, Bits and a pink egg. It has 60,000 HP

Post Battle Dialogue
D-Co 9: I've decoded the File!
  • Coffee: Let me get a pillow for you.

D-Co 9: This is fascinating. The virus was attacking a program designed to transfer an independent CPU entity, such as you and me, into a simulation permanently.

  • Coffee: Why would that have been in the simulation? That doesn't make sense.

D-Co 9: Bio-Beta envisioned a world of robotic humans. This was originally a program designed to transfer a digital conscousness from one format to another.

Bio-Beta was no doubt planning on transferring himself into a new body. The program was being altered when it was attacked by the virus.

It was being customized for a more primitive CPU. That's when the virus attacked it. Keep this program safe until the virus is eliminated.


Puppeton battle

Puppeton is a large floating mechanical structure featuring gear-like elements. He has a humanoid face with blue irises and a solid expression. He has two arms with five fingers on each and no legs, but instead hovers above a globe surrounded by rings containing the planets within the solar system. Additionally, he holds similar globes in each hand. A halo like object sits behind him. His dominant colour is gold.



  1. Digi-Toaster
  2. Searing Volt
  3. RGB Snipe
  4. Intense Intensity
  5. Terrible Things


  • He is also referred to as Antivirus Protocol 03.
  • Visually, Puppeton fits the simulation he is found in (Gold colours, gears, spherical structures).
  • Puppeton also appears as a boss in Golden Galaxy.