A pickable relic found outside

"There are relics scattered across the surface. The Derelicts have taken an interest in collecting things, just another strange side effect of being here so long."
Coffee about the relics.

In the first years of Lun Infinus, Earth supplemented the Derelicts' research by sending items and samples through science pods. After several months without hearing anything from Earth, the science pods were replaced by another kind which contained various items that were not useful to their research such as photographs, artworks, toys and books. These are now scattered all across the surface, littering the ground.

During the night cycle, it is possible to go outside Lun Infinus and find some of these items. Those that can be picked up are indicated by a glowing sparkle on the ground. Each night has a limit of six pickable items.

The tokens of affection

The tokens of affection are four items that the Derelicts collects respectively. Coffee revealed that it is a side effect of them being active for too long. Each time a Derelict gets an item, they will dedicate more resources to Coffee and D-Co 9's cause and trust them even more. These also make them stronger each time they fight the virus by adding 50 points to their health bar.

  • Clocks: Bio-Beta collects clocks. His room is adorned with clocks, displayed on the walls or simply posed around his samples. They are not set on the same hour.
  • Paintings: Mirad collects paintings. She describes them as a vision of humanity's mind and heart.
  • Snow globes: Alphus collects snow globes. They are a small representation of his simulation: An environment under a transparent dome.
  • Toys: Malenz collects toys. He considers them as an image of the past and forgotten memories. In his simulation (more specifically in Malenville), Malenz is a toymaker.

Other findable items

  • An old wrench: At the end of the path, it is possible to find an old wrench. A good counterpart in the Spring dome of Alphondomes revealed that this wrench was Coffee's before he lost it outside and stated that it could fix anything.
  • Power cells: After passing the tenth day, a few number of power cells can be found outside. These can spare one full day of power (and add one more playable day before the station runs out of power).
  • Resource capsules: These can be exchanged for Bits. The most commonly found capsules are worth 200 and 500 chips. However, 700 chip capsules can also be found but they are much more rare.


  • Shootingminigame

    The shooting mini game

    After the six items are collected, there are no more to find but a mini game becomes available. As Coffee walks outside, rows of small green aliens will appears in the sky and can be killed by shooting them with the X key. Each time an alien dies, it gives a chip. But each time you are hit by one of their attacks, you will lose time off the clock. This game is similar to Space Invaders.
  • The wrench can be used on Amos' body. It unlock his virtual representation in the combat mode.
  • The power cell looks like Amos's head, lacking finer detail, the dish and some wires.