Each Simulation houses their own NPC Denizen. These NPCs (Non Playable Characters) can be spoken to and provide more information about The Desolate Hope's story. They are friendly and do not attack.


NPC Denizens can be found in Malenville.


Miradmoore's Denizens can be found on street level. Once spoken to, they then disappear. However, the same Denizens can be found sinking in the water. They can be interacted with but do not provide any speech. They disappear like the other NPCs.


Alphondomes' Denizens can only be found in the domes itself. Notably in The Spring and Fall Dome. One of these Denizens urges you not to attack, as it shares an Evil Counterpart found in the Malwastes.

Betagrid 0.9

Betagrid 0.9's Denizens can be seen throughout the entire simulation, although many are part of the landscape and cannot be interacted with.


Dialogue close up


  • Miradmoore's NPCs share a model used in another ScottGames production, Pilgrim's Progress.
  • Betagrid 0.9's NPC shares a similar design to ChatterCan in Iffermoon.

    Chattercan from Iffermoon shares a similar design to Betagrid 0.9's NPC

  • Alphondome's NPC has an Evil Counterpart which can be found in The Malwastes.
  • Malenz and Mirad 's simulation domes have the most varying types of NPC.