"I'm afraid that there is no rest for any of us. Our programmers were very cruel in this regard. They modified our sleep-mode function."

Mirad about the sleep mode.

The Sleep Mode gif.

Sleep mode is a program that each Derelict have included in their system. When their power was getting low, the Derelicts were able to retire to their sleep mode function. But the consequence of retiring to that program was the definitive loss of the mission and a permanent deactivation. To prevent this from happening, their programmers made sure that they couldn't access it until their mission was read as successful.

The consequences

  • Due to the fact that their sleep mode was inaccessible, the Derelicts started to become tired and fatigued. To solve this problem, Mirad secretly worked on a solution to gain access to the sleep mode even if the mission wasn't complete. However, she was unable to change the parameters of the mission so she created a program that had nothing to do with her simulation. But this file had been attacked by the third Virus in Miradmoore and remained in Coffee's possession after D-Co 9 decoded it.
  • Coffee stated that he'll keep the program safe until the virus gets annihilated for good and after that, he'd finish the work that Mirad started.


  • Derelictsleepmode

    The sleep mode screen at the end

    After the last virus fight, Coffee deactivates himself and D-Co 9 so his simulation could get all the remaining power resource of Lun Infinus. He used Mirad's secret program to confirm the mission as successful and in turn, allowed them to retire to their sleep mode.
  • Before the credits, a monitor is shown with the Derelicts' portraits and their current status. It also shows that the mission was a success.


  • 'Sleep mode' is also a virus' attack that inflicts SLEEP to each one of the Derelicts.

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