Terro Totik is the Virus found in the Malwastes.



In the mines at the lowest most far left part of the screen. It has 5000 HP.


At the center of Malenville. It has 10000 HP


In the mines, behind a pile of blocks (X-ray goggles allow the virus to be seen). It has 15000 HP.


Terro battle

Terro Totik sports a humanoid like face bearing its teeth and seems to be adorned in leaves, giving him an Aztec feel to his design. He is bipedal with five sharp claws on his hands and four on his feet. Six vine like appendages are attached to the back of him as well as several arrows. Two floating skulls are seen by his side. His dominant colours are green and gold.

The palms of his hands glow red when attacking.


  1. Intense intensity: The enemy's speed is doubled for a while.
  2. Corrosive: Inflicts the Poison status. This status drains slowy the Derelicts' HP.
  3. Digi-Toaster: A solid strike that hits the four Derelicts.
  4. Static Jumble: Inflicts the Slug status. This status puts the Derelicts' Turn Bar on 0 and the Turn Bar will progress with the half of speed.


  • He is also referred to as Antivirus Protocol 01.
  • Terro Totik is the only Virus that seems to be comprised of organic elements, such as leaves.
  • The bones in his nose make him resemble a Witch Doctor.