Tool is a character from The Desolate Room, and is one of the four deactivated robots that Coffee is helping to cleanse themselves from the virus that broke them down a long time ago.


Tool is the smallest of all the robots. His body is comprised of spherical shapes, dominant in pale shades of pink and maroon. He has a half sphere helmet that lifts up off his head when he attacks, revealing the rest of his dome shaped head. His eyes are spherical and blue and his mouth rectangular and green. A orange light is centered on his chest and three buttons coloured blue, red and green sit on his lower body. His arms are two mechanical pincers and stands on two small wheels.

Like Mirad, Tool is the dominant healer of the party.

In combat mode

Like the others, Tool is a playable character in combat mode, his attacks are:

  • Hit 'n Run: Hits the enemy in an attempt to escape battle.
  • Screw loose: Can cause low-level enemies to fall apart during the battle.
  • Salvage: Restores fallen allies
  • Quickfix: Heals your party.
  • Static touch: All attacks against enemy will inflict extra shock damage.
  • Electrocute: Enemy is hit with high voltage during next three attacks.
  • Magic hammer: Auto-revives team mates who fall for a period of time.
  • Tool-x virus: Damage to enemy is doubled for a short time.
  • Supercharge: Party speed is doubled for a period of time.
  • Wrecking Ball: Instant kill to weak enemies.


Tool scene

Tool in a cutscene.