"There are many friendly pieces of code who will help you allocate those resources in many different ways. Press DOWN to talk to other robots you see"


Within the simulations there are several friendly pieces of code that take the form of helpful robots and shopkeepers. Here are a list of the robots you can find.== Algo's Bit Store ==

"Buy somethin' will ya!"



Algo is in each simulation but sells different things depending on which simulation you are in. Find him in each simulation to upgrade a wide variety of things. The price of each upgrades doubles every time you purchase it (over a maximum of five upgrades).

In Alphondomes: It can be found at the end of the Spring dome. The upgrades available there are:

  1. Money finder:
  2. Dragon- Power up
  3. + Critical hit %
  4. Funroad- More time
  5. Coffee- Power up

In Betagrid 0.9: It can be found in a room on the left of the narrow corridor. The upgrades available there are:

  1. Battle start: +Life
  2. Increase red bar value
  3. Increase blue bar value
  4. Increase green bar value
  5. Increase yellow bar value

In Malwastes: It can be found in Malenville. The upgrades available there are:

  1. Battle start: +Defense
  2. Battle start: +Attack
  3. Battle start: +Speed
  4. Battle start: +Charge
  5. Buff timer bonus

In Miradmoore: It can be found in third the water hole from the right. The upgrades available there are:

  1. Enemy debuff timer bonus
  2. Player debuff reduction
  3. Weaken enemy increment
  4. Accurary
  5. Dodge

Boxcar's junction



  • Boxcar is unique in that he doesn't sell anything.
  • He is very important however because this is where you customize your conditionals.

About the conditionals: Each time you destroy a fissure in a sub-game, you are rewarded with a conditional. These are conditions (things that can happen) that you can program to trigger other events in battle. When you begin the game you only have two conditionals unlocked- "On-Critical Strike", and "On-Combo Meter". These are in the left column. The list of actions on the right are all of the things that can happen when these conditions occurs. This is where you must make your choice. What do you want to have happen each time you land a critical strike? Do you want it to heal you? Inflict poison on an enemy? Give you a few seconds of double damage? After beating several sub-games, you'll see your list of conditionals grow, and each of these can't be linked to a specific action. Although you click the conditionals one at a time to set them, ALL of them will be active during battle. That means that during battle, both Critical Strike AND Combo Meter will do something, as well as the other conditionals you've unlocked. They are all set by default to "heal", but there are many more creative options at your disposal.

  • For instance, there is a conditional called "On Mini-game Start" which will trigger once you've launched a mini-game within a battle. If you link this conditional to the action "mini-game auto-play", then as soon as you start a mini-game, it will begin to play by itself.

The unlocked conditionals

Med-Med's Med Station

"Purchase them to use them once per battle!"



Here you can buy restorative and defensive items for the next time you get into a fight. These items are permanent upgrades but can only be used once per fight (aside from the Status Cure which has five uses per fight). Most of these need to be clicked in battle to be used, the only exception is "Auto Continue" which activates when all fighters are dead.

Med-Med is directly above you when you enter Malwastes. Take the first lift and go right. Directly under him is a sub-game as well, however the hover boots are required to reach it. He also appears in Betagrid 0.9 in the second vertical corridor.

  • 5x Status Cure for 500 chips
  • Head Start for 500 chips
  • Full Charge for 500 chips
  • Auto continue for 500 chips

Jed-Med's Med Station

"Buy these as many times as you like!"



Jed-Med can only be found in Miradmoore. Down the first water hole, in the entrance with the sub-game inside, there are two destructible blocks to the right that can be seen with the Xray Goggle upgrade. This leads to Jed-Med. 

  • +1000 HP all for 10 000 chips
  • Hack chip for 10 000 chips 

Robo-Baby's Sporting Goods



Robo-Baby offers items that are necessary for players to progress through various areas of the game and to locate certain viruses.

Robo-Baby can be found in Malwastes (in Malenville) and in Miradmoore.

  • Pickpocket  for 150 chips
  • Hover pack  for 200 chips
  • Water boots for 350 chips
  • X-ray Goggles for 900 chips

Buying Menu.

Sandbox's Power-Supply



Boy, this is really expensive!
Sandbox deals in heavy weaponry. He is a green construction robot found in Betagrid 0.9 and Alphondomes. Here you can buy (for a hefty price) weapons that are automatically activated in battle.

  • 10 I.O.D. (10% Inferno of Doom) for 1000 chips
  • P.L.E.A. (Parasitic Life Eating Ameoba) for 1000 chips
  • C.O.S.L. (Chance of Space Lazers) for 1000 chips

Payload Found Something!



Unlike the other pieces of code, Payload offers only one item for sale. The item is a Hack Chip (worth 1000 chips); it is among the few chips that the player can find while exploring the simulations. The other bot that can sell Hack Chips is Jed-Med's in Miradmoore for an expansive price.

The effects of the hack chips allow the player to hack the virus during battles by changing its parameters, changing the Derelicts's bonuses and upgrades. However, hack chips are only effective once players have purchased Uunom's Battle Hack (worth 500 chips)

Payload can be found in the waterways of Miradmoore and in Betagrid 0.9. Only one purchase is possible in every simulations where it is possible to find Payload.

  • Hack Chip for 1000 chips.

Uunom's Hackery



It's not cheating if you paid good money for it.
Uunom's hackery is expensive in price and difficult to find. It is located in Miradmoore, and cannot be accessed without a Hover-pack or Water-boots. Once inside you can purchase useful items such as Battle Hacking, and other required items such as Fourthsight (which lets you locate the final boss of each area).

  • Battle Regen for 100 chips
  • Battle Hacking for 500 chips
  • Auto Half-Price for 500 chips
  • Fourth Sight for 2000 chips



  • Robo-Baby can be seen as a toy in Scott's animated series Jesus kids club along with other enemies.