Viral Code
Viralcode scene
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First Male programming
Second Defeated
Third Metal
Other attributes
Fourth The Desolate Room

Viral Code is the antagonist in The Desolate Room.

Role in the Plot

Viral Code in the beginning is seen sitting in the room with the main protagonists, comforting them in their struggle to overcome the virus. Over time it is revealed that Viral Code is the antagonist and tricks them into giving in and to allow themselves to be taken over by the virus (which coincidentally is Viral Code). Viral Code was a system built to serve the robots but instead rebelled, finding everlasting life with the robots who gave themselves up to it.


Visually, Viral Code is humanoid in shape and is bipedal, standing on two legs. It's body is a bare robotic skeletal structure with six appendages ending in sickles protruding from it's back. It's face however, is humanoid; featuring nose, eyes, mouth, grey coloured hair and a tall brown top hat. It's eyes have blue irises and orange lit pupil. Mirad too shares the feature of a humanoid face.

In Combat Mode

Viral Code appears has the fourth boss in The Desolate Room.

  • HP: 6050
  • Level: 20
  • Attack: 61
  • Defense: 61
  • Speed: 26


  • Viral Code is the only boss to have dialog in The Desolate Room.
  • Although Viral Code is not the final boss, is the main antagonist of the game.



Viral Code in battle.

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