Viren is the fourth virus in each simulation. He appears in the simulations as a green coloured orb.



Viren is located on the top level of Malwastes, towards the middle-left of the screen. His orb sits beneath the platform and requires you to jump down and use the hoverpack to levitate and access the virus battle.


Go down the fourth water hole when you first enter the simulation (the one directly after Boxcar) and move towards the left wall. You should find a breakable block that you can find with the X-Ray Goggles. Swim through the hole once you break the block and head down through another opening with a toy enemy in it and then swim up. You should find Viren on the ceiling in the next screen. Swim up to him to engage him in battle.


Viren is located at the very top of the level on the rightmost side of the screen below the entrance of the autumn dome. You require the hoverpack in order to reach him.

Betagrid 0.9

When You first enter the simulation, head to the first vertical hall and exit via the entrance way at the very bottom to the left and proceed to the left until you come across a wall. Viren should be floating above an elevated platform. Jump up towards him to start the battle.


Viren battle

Viren is a large bipedal humanoid-like character. His body is comprised of small metal wires that resemble muscle. He has five sharp claws and four toes. His face is in the shape of a sun and has one red and one purple iris. His face can be seen in the background of the Autumn Alphondome.


  1. Intense Intensity
  2. Radion Omega
  3. Reverser
  4. Abandon
  5. Onezero


  • He is also referred to as Antivirus Protocol 05.
  • Viren is the fourth virus in all of the simulations.
  • Viren shares similarities of Ennard from FNaF:SL.
    • The same can be said for Viral Code aside from the appendages and lack of face plates.
  • His face can be seen in the background of the Autumn dome in Alphus' simulation.
    • His face acts at the sun of the Autumn Dome.
  • A common feature of Scott Cawthon's characters are heterochromia, two different coloured eyes. Viren demonstrates this with different coloured irises (red and purple).
  • Viren's battle theme is "Running Scared", by Wesley Divine.